About Us

A monthly magazine published from Mumbai, India, Asia Insurance Post is a premier niche publication focused on insurance and financial management.

It captures the exciting developments as they unfold in the newly liberalised insurance market, as well as in the key areas of the ever expanding global financial services sector. Information, knowledge, and analysis for the professionals and consumers of the insurance sector otherwise known as a volatile and knowledge-based industry are the basic driving forces for the publication.

We intend to create a common platform for both buyers and sellers of international insurance and financial sector services.

Each issue is dedicated to a specific theme which has relevance to the insurance industry like Regulations, Information Technology, Customer Service, Health, and Pension Funds, and Rural Resurgence apart from strategic issues like New Product Development, Bancassurance, and Risk Management, Retailing, Logistics, intermediaries.

The magazine carries expert comments, in-depth reports, research studies, specially commissioned articles, and reviews that enhance the quality of your work-life.

Asia Insurance Post is the only magazine where official regulators of the different segments of the financial sectors outline the contours of specific policies and throw light on the logic and perspective governing major official proclamations–through articles penned exclusively for the magazine.

It also carries regular contributions from professionals who run the insurance business hands-on. It carries interviews with CEOs of insurance firms that provide insights into the dynamics of evolving competitive moves. In fact, you will find out in the pages of Asia Insurance Post how the various players in the business of insurance are strategising their every single business initiative–helping you in turn to fine-tune your own competitive moves. The magazine is thus a learning platform for all players–big and small.

Asia Insurance Post has alliances with reputed international publications like the US-based LOMA, LIMRA and the UK-based CII for mutual sharing of resources and content. We hope to expand the basket of content sharing further gradually.

The magazine has been present at several domestic and international seminars on insurance. It has also co-sponsored a three-day international seminar on Strategic Issues in Insurance at Bali, Indonesia, in June 2001.

Providing a perfect compliment to the print publication is the website asiainsurancepost.com, which covers the day-to-day developments in the insurance sector. It is the endeavour of Asia Insurance Post to develop the portal not only as an as an exhaustive source of insurance resources but as a key player in electronic transactions as and when they evolve.